Bronte Creek

21 Dec

Your typical neighbour:

41% of the population ranges between the ages of 30-54. Lots of families throughout the detached, two-story homes and traditional two-story townhomes. The luxury townhomes are preferred by professional couples both young and those nearing retirement. The ultra-desirable lofted bungalows are popular among downsizing buyers.


What we love:

Bronte Creek Provincal Park! This neighbourhood is almost completely surrounded by the provincial park making it unique in Oakville.   In addition to the easy access to nature, this area features quiet streets,  well-manicured lawns and lovely gardens.


Types of Homes:

Two-story traditional townhomes and two-story detached family homes make up the majority of this neighbhourhood. Bronte Creek offers two types of housing that are not as prevalent in other areas of Oakville – the lofted bungalow townhome and the luxury townhome.  These two types of housing have become extremely desireable in the last couple of years.

The Bottom Line:

Two-story traditional townhomes start around $750,000 and luxury townhomes towards the north end of the neighbourhood can cost up to $1,800,000. Detached homes start at $850,000 and range up to $2,000,000.

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